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I am a no longer single
year old white male pharmacology graduate candidate currently studying at the University of Miami in Miami Florida.I have many hobbies which is why they get their own page but making webpages is not one of them. Born and raised in north florida I have no problem classying myself as a redneck and grew up in the woods. I have a large extended southern family spanning the entire east coast.


I graduated high school class of 2010 just a few credits shy of my Associate in Arts degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville and continued on to also receive a Associate of Science degree in Laboratory Technician from Florida State College at Jacksonville in 2013 finishing with an intership at Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville. I wanted to go into cancer research so consulted my professors and transferred to University of North Florida and started a dual bachelors in Chemistry and Biology. I continued this path of education and received both bachelors in 2016. I then took a year off and worked under Dr. Stuart Chalk at University of North Florida on computational chemsitry and data extraction from scanned PDF documents for 6 months. I then worked for another 6 months at University of Miami under Dr. Stephan Schürer before entering the Programs in Biomedical Sciences program where I currently reside as a pharmocology graduate canidate