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3D Printing

I picked up 3D printing while a graduate student at UM and have been printing random things either for cosplaying, just around my house, or friends since. Currently working on printing a Phaser Rifle from star trek for a friend and some items to help me in my research.


I started programming HTML in highschool and from there went on to learn Javascript, Php, Java, Python, C, C++, C#. I made programs to help me through my chemistry degrees, arduino projects and more. Currently working on a videogame called centration with Angry Entertainment using Unreal Engine 4. I have worked in front-end and back-end web development as well as embedded stuff and game development

Electrical Engineering

After hearing the song Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots in 2011 I decided I would learn to make my own car radio. So I started learning everything I needed to know and worked on the SI4689 chip. Turns out electrical engineering is hard and never managed to get the radio working, I have however made successful 3d printer controllers, altimeters, automated door openers, and custom solutions for cosplay. I continue to learn and have fun with this slightly expensive hobby


2019 was a particularly rough year for me in many respects so whenever my friend Alex suggested that I should try cosplaying at Supercon to help my mood out I figured why not. So I spent the middle half of the year working on a Doctor Octavius cosplay and plan to continue from there. I have no problem helping out others using my skills

Server Administration

One that is common with my friend groups is that we have a need for random software that everyone can access. So I started out with some shitty free hosting in high school and learn what I needed. I then bought a VPS to host more complicated projects including teamspeak servers for my gaming groups and ended up destroying them several times. Finally I have moved to my own hardware in a colocated facility with multiple servers and routers to maintain gaming, file, communication, and any other server needed for my groups


I have played games since I could barely walk, I plan to continue doing so long after walking is difficult. I enjoy simulation games, RPG games, and just about any game with friends

Dungeons and Dragons

Currently playing an extremely homebrew DnD 5e campaign with friends, I enjoy it and its a nice creative outlet. I play a Rock Gnome Bard who knows hes better than everyone else

Scuba Diving

I learned to Scuba Dive while studying at Florida State College at Jacksonville. I did it a few times while in Jacksonville but have yet to find a dive buddy in Miami so have not had a ton of interest in diving alone. Started my advanced open water training in 2021 towards the end of the pandemic so that I could officially dive more locations